Back-to-School: Start A New Phase with BOOX Note Air and Nova3 Color

Aug 24, 21
Back-to-School: Start A New Phase with BOOX Note Air and Nova3 Color

August can be a new start for everyone. Whether you are heading to school or the office, an eye-friendly gadget can always enhance productivity.

That's why we're including BOOX E Ink tablets Note Air and Nova3 Color in our back-to-school promo: Note Air offers $24 off and Nova3 Color offers $20 off before 31 August.

They're designed to help you do better in study, work and life. If you haven’t used the special offer yet, check them out now while stocks last.

BOOX Note Air

BOOX Note Air is a 10.3inch E Ink tablet with an asymmetrical, ergonomic design.

With a thickness of 5.8mm, it's can offer a paper-like reading experience. Holding Note Air by its wider bezel will shift the gravity to the palm and give you a comfortable grip. 

In such a thin body, Note Air packs adjustable front lights in advanced hardware into it. When you study indoors, the front lights on Note Air can help you see the texts clearly. When you use it outdoors, the HD Carta screen will show crisp texts.

Use Note Air with front lights on to read books outdoors

The gravity sensor on Note Air makes it a more convenient tool for study and work. No matter how you pick it up, you can start using it right away. Note Air also supports a split-screen feature. You can open a book on one side and the Notes app on the other side, so you can read books and take notes simultaneously. 

With advanced features and hardware, Note Air is an excellent reading and note-taking device for school. You can read more than 17 file formats on it and take notes with multiple tools, including different brushes and graphic elements, layers, lasso and handwriting recognition.

Take notes on Note Air
Take notes on Note Air

The great handwriting experience of Note Air also comes from its magnetic stylus. The magnetic BOOX Pen can be snapped on the side of Note Air. So you can take it with the device anywhere.

To sum up, the 10.3inch Note Air is an excellent, eye-friendly device for both academic reading and class notes.

BOOX Nova3 Color

If you’re looking for a smaller device for your new semester, then you can’t miss out on the 7.8inch Nova3 Color. 

Nova3 Color is portable than Note Air. And it can show 4,096 relaxing colors. Using the latest Kaleido Plus color screen, it can display soft hues in an eye-friendly way. So you can read colorful charts and take colorful notes without eyestrains.

Lightweigh and portable ebook reader Nova3 Color

Also, Nova3 Color provides a bunch of helpful note-taking and reading tools. You can select from 16 colors so far to finish your notes and sketch in the classes. And use marker pens in colors to highlight key points. Also, you can use different templates, such as Cornell, to make your note-taking more efficient and organized.

With Nova3 Color, reading also becomes more joyful. You can read all the colorful charts and diagrams in books. If you’re a Med major, then telling apart vein from arteries can be easy on this color E Ink device. Taking handwriting notes on books is also interesting since you can use red, yellow, blue and more highlighting colors.

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