Unveil BOOX Max Lumi: The Most Powerful 13.3’’ E Ink Tablet with Front Light

Sep 21, 20
Unveil BOOX Max Lumi: The Most Powerful 13.3’’ E Ink Tablet with Front Light

BOOX releases two innovative E Ink tablets this September: Max Lumi and Note Air.

Max Lumi is the first 13.3’’ E Ink tablet with the front light with CTM (Color Temperature Modulation), industry-leading hardware and Android 10, outpacing the peer products in the market.

Front Light Wasn’t Built In A Day

Since Max3 was released last year, BOOX team has been thinking about implementing the front light on an A4-size screen, but it’s not that easy.

Lighting uniformity is the deal-breaker.

Uniform lighting allows you to continuously perceive the screen without eye strain. As illuminance uniformity is the ratio of minimum illumination to average illumination, it is difficult to make a large screen illuminated evenly.

However, we made it. In the past 9 months, we went through hundreds of tests, made 11 adjustments of the illuminance uniformity, and built 108 prototypes to verify the feasibility.

Read on Max Lumi with the front light

We finally equipped Max Lumi with the front light with the highest illuminance uniformity (85%) in the industry. Since now, you can use a large, versatile E Ink tablet at any time.

Moreover, we made the front light adjustable in color temperature and brightness, so you can modulate it to match the environment.

The Best Size And Tools for PDF Reading

13.3inch: The best size for large-format file reading

As the newest member of our Max line, Max Lumi maintains the most significant 13.3’’ Mobius flexible screen with a resolution of 2200x1650 with 207dpi. So it can provide a fantastic visual for reading and an excellent touch for writing.

The large screen can correctly show A4-size materials. Together with the powerful features, such as annotations, hand-written notes, reflow, font size change, and text to speech, Max Lumi can help you read and write on various file formats, including PDF, PPT presentations, ePub, Mobi, TXT, RTF, HTML, CHM, DOC, FB2, CBR, CBZ and more.

Read comfortably on Max Lumi’s large E Ink screen

In the visualization department, you can use many power tools to create organized notes and vivid drawings, such as layers, 5 brushes, 8 colors, lasso, and templates.

Create breathtaking works on a 13.3'’ canvas

The large size and its versatile toolkit are not the only reasons that make Max Lumi a great E Ink tablet for reading, writing, and drawing. The industry-leading hardware makes it outstanding in responsiveness and performance.

Mightier and Faster with Advanced Hardware

The responsive system is powered by the upgraded octa-core processor.

The most significant hardware improvement we made on Max Lumi is its CPU.

It’s still octa-core, yet it’s upgraded. The heterogenous octa-core processor can offer a 30% faster speed. It can allocate power intelligently to execute different tasks, which also means it can save more power.

Although Max Lumi provides the same large storage of 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM as the Max3, it adopts advanced solutions to multiply data transfer speed.

Improve productivity with the snappy Max Lumi

LPDDR4X and UFS2.1 respectively make the data transmission two times and four times faster than their previous iterations. No matter surfing online or transmitting files to the device, you can experience the unprecedented fast speed on Max Lumi.

Combining the upgraded CPU and storage solutions, Max Lumi is 10% more power-efficient than Max3. The 4300mAh battery can last 6 weeks on standby mode.

QC4.0 supports fast charging.

Also, Max Lumi has advanced BT5.0 and QC 4.0 and supports both analog and digital audio. Not to mention it has all the fantastic features of Max3, including OTG support, a mic and dual speakers, a USB Type-C port, an HDMI port, fingerprint recognition, and Wi-Fi 2.4G+5G support.

Android 10 First Appears on An E Ink Device

BOOX has made it a convention to employ the open Android system on its E Ink devices.

We choose Android because it allows you to integrate third-party tools into your workflow to build up your productivity. With this belief, Max Lumi steps further and runs Android 10, the most advanced Android version on an E Ink product.

Install third-party apps with the flexible, open Android 10

Android 10 can offer better smoothness, security, and compatibility. You can install more applications from Google Play. And even split the screen to run two apps at once.

V3.0 Firmware Brings System-Wide Split Screen and More Surprises

V3.0 Firmware Brings System-Wide Split Screen and More Surprises

The system-wide split screen is one of the most significant features of V3.0 Firmware. Also, Max Lumi’s A4-size screen makes the split-screen mode shows its greatest value, as you can see the content clearly on both sides of a large split-screen.

With the latest firmware, you can run two apps at the same time. Like check emails while reading files. Browse for the author’s profile when reading a book. And listen to music when taking notes. Multitasking can never be so easy on an E Ink tablet.

Another exciting feature that comes with the V3.0 firmware is the wireless screencast. You can cast the Max Lumi screen to the PC running Windows 10. The strokes will show up simultaneously as you draw on the Max Lumi.

Also, the newest firmware specially optimizes the second monitor performance on the 13.3’’ devices, so you can get more explicit instruction and enjoy better responsiveness.

Connect Max Lumi to the laptop

The V3.0 Firmware brings more new features than what’s mentioned above: layers in the built-in Notes app, integrated third-party dictionaries in the NeoReader, a Gallery app that helps you edit pics with basic tools, Onyx Subscription that remain the original form of pushed web articles, and more.

Spec Overview

Max Lumi specs

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