Unveil BOOX Note Air: The Thinnest 10.3’’ E Ink Tablet with Front Light

Sep 21, 20
Unveil BOOX Note Air: The Thinnest 10.3’’ E Ink Tablet with Front Light

BOOX unveils two breakthrough E Ink devices this fall: Max Lumi and Note Air.

Note Air is the thinnest 10.3’’ E Ink tablet that employs the front light and Android 10 OS. It stands out in the medium-large-size E Ink product market with its unique industrial design and excellent performance.

Functionality Is Not Compromised by The 5.8mm Thickness

Note Air is only 5.8mm thick.
Ultra-slim Note Air with front light

What does it mean?

It means the adjustable front light, a responsive system thanks to the upgraded octa-core CPU, large storage of 3GB LPDDR4X RAM and 32GB eMMC ROM, dual batteries accounting for 3000mAh that can be charged fast with QC4.0, a quality built-in speaker, a mic, a USB Type-C port, and a button.

As you can see, we pack almost all the powerful stuff into a body of 5.8mm thickness. So you get a Note Air that is slim, but also snappy, power-efficient and versatile. Not to mention it becomes more intelligent with Android 10 and the up-to-date BOOX V3.0 Firmware.

Read comics on Note Air

With Note Air, you can do almost everything. Read ebooks and directly annotate on them. Do multitasking with the split-screen mode. Take notes and create works on layers with the new pencil and marker pen and other powerful tools. Sync notes to the cloud and other devices. Install third-party apps — and enjoy more emerging new features.

Use Note Air to take notes

While doing the above stuff, you also get a comfortable, clear view on the HD E Ink Carta screen with a resolution of 1872×1404 and 227dpi.

Ergonomic Balanced Design Meet with Unconventional Colorways

You can see Note Air at first glance in an array of E Ink tablets because it’s slim, unique, and chic.

The wider bezel is crafted to contain screen FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) on the side, but it’s also designed to give you an extra grip on the device. As the gravity is shifted to the palm, you can hold the tablet effortlessly.

Effortlessly hold Note Air by one hand

The other three equally wide bezels show balanced aesthetics. When rotating Note Air horizontally, you will find the edges add a hint of balance on your visual and help you focus on the screen center.

Type on Note Air with the Bluetooth keyboard

Color. Another factor that makes Note Air unique.

Turning it to the back, you can see the delicately arranged orange lines come across and then bump into the new navy blue background, rendering a refreshing scene.

Unconventional colorways consist of new navy blue and orange

Adding an unconventional sense with colors is a bold move of Note Air.

Initially, BOOX team intended to make a slim version in the Note line. We changed the structure, the shape, the thickness. And we managed to put as many advanced components into Note Air.

In the end, we decided that E Ink tablets can be powerful and chic.

If we have revolutionized almost everything to provide you with a thin, versatile product, then we should also share with you the passion for changes, so you can feel it on the case.

Slim and Chic

Slim But Solid

To build out the slim and solid structure of Note Air, we used to be torn between two techniques, but at the end we didn’t go with the splicing way.

There was a reason.

The splicing technique is to joint the screen and the frame together horizontally. Such a combination shifts most of the gravity to the larger screen. When you hold the device by the frame, the screen without enough support has a potential downward displacement.

That’s to say, such a frame-connecting-screen way can be a large threat to the expensive, fragile E Ink screens.

We didn’t want to put our users’ interest at risk, so we chose the higher-cost structuring way that can provide large support to the screen and make the thin device more solid.

We carefully machined a one-piece aluminum case to hold the flush EPD module consisting of several layers, including an anti-glare (AG) glass cover-lens. This method promises that the force on Note Air will be evenly dissipated, so Note Air can be both ultra-slim and rigid.

The once-piece Aluminum case firmly holds the EPD module

Improved Experience with G-Sensor and BOOX Pen

Have you ever seen a 10.3’’ E Ink tablet that employs a gravity sensor? You may say no until you see Note Air.

As Note Air is slim and adopts the one-hand holding design with one broader bezel, the G-sensor can make it even handier. With the automatically rotating feature, you can pick up the Note Air and start using, no matter you are left-handed or right-handed.

The screen can rotate automatically with the G-sensor

Also, to match Note Air’s aluminum case, we made a specialized magnetic stylus, BOOX Pen.

Although it also features 4096-level pressure sensitivity, the smaller, stiffer nib of the Shinonome GII refill can better mimic the real handwriting feeling and help you create richer details.

Use BOOX Pen to create artistic works

BOOX Pen also has a different design. The grooves on the body can increase the fiction on the fingertips. Together with a large diameter of 9.5mm, BOOX Pen can give you a sturdy grip.

When you stop using it, just snap it to the side of Note Air’s aluminum case.

Snap the magnetic BOOX Pen on the side of Note Air

Android 10 and V3.0 Firmware

Like Max Lumi, Note Airs run the more secure and compatible Android 10 and the most up-to-date V3.0 Firmware.

With the latest firmware, you can not only read, write, and draw on Note Air, but also uses many fantastic new features to boost productivity.

The system-wide split-screen enables two apps to run on one display to double your efficiency.

New NeoBrowser allows you to adjust web font size and get a better view with the full-screen mode and scrolling buttons.

And the full-screen gestures can help you switch tasks, go to the home page and take a screenshot with a swipe.

There’re way more surprising functions of the V3.0 firmware awaiting exploration.

Spec Overview

Note Air Specification

You can order Note Air at the BOOX official website to get a set of free accessories. 

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